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Brouwerij Martinus
Kostersgang 32-34
9711 CX  Groningen

Martinus brewery brews special beers in a historical industrial building in the Centre of Groningen. Who has discovered Martinus is immediately sold. The building breathes an atmosphere of culture, history and domesticity. The boiling kettles and the scents of malt and hops do the old Groningen beer tradition. Here you can enjoy a good beer in the tasting room and on the roof terrace with a view on the Martini Tower. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the chef prepares a three-course menu, vegetarian, meat and fish, with fresh ingredients and the beers of Martinus. At the table next to the brewing kettles is dining a special experience.

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Javaans eetcafe
Schuitendiep 33
9711 RA Groningen

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Konbu Streetfood
Oosterstraat 10
9711 NT Groningen