Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Opening keynote lecture

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Professor Helen Killaspy, United Kingdom
Professor and Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Psychiatry
University College London (UCL)
Division of Psychiatry

Topic 1:Assessment: Understanding the context

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Prof. dr. Marieke Wichers, the Netherlands
Professor of Dynamics of Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology 
University Medical Center Groningen, Interdisciplinary Center Psychopathology and Emotion regulation (ICPE)/University of Groningen

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Clinical Psychologist Senior Lecturer
King’s College, London, UK

Topic 2:Epidemiology: Methodological approaches supporting personalised care
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Prof. David Roe, PhD, Israel
Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Center for Community Mental Health Research, Training, Services and Policy
University of Haifa, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences
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Associate Head of School (Research)
Deakin University, Faculty of Health, School of Health & Soc. Dev.

Topic 3:Approaches: Novel approaches using the patient’s own context
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Professor and Head of the Centre for Mental Health Research
Australian National University

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Dr. Catherine van Zelst, the Netherlands
Senior researcher
Maastricht University, School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, (MHeNs), User Research Centre
and Phrenos Knowledge Center on SMI and Rehabilitation


Topic 4:Policy: Societal challenges for community mental health

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Clinical Psychologist, professor in Innovations in Mental Health
Maastricht University, School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, (MHeNs)
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Medical Director CAMH
Professor of Psychiatry University of Toronto
Director of SAMI CIHR Training Program
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Closing keynote lecture

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Verona University, School of Medicine and Surgery, Department of Neurosciences, Biomedicine and Movement Sciences