Pre-conference workshops

Pre-conference workshop 1: Personalized treatment in mental health care 
3-4 October | De Bovenkamer van Groningen | Noorderbinnensingel 14, 9712 XA Groningen
The ENMESH 2017 Invitational Pre-Conference Workshop will take place on:
3-4 October in De Bovenkamer in Groningen.
The theme of the Pre-Conference Workshop is
"Personalized treatment in mental health care:
Economic Evaluation and shared decision making based on routinely collected data."
During the Pre-Conference workshop methodological challenges and ways to include stakeholders’ perspective in translating research findings to personalized treatment will be discussed and the current IMPROVE results will be presented.

You can find the programm hereThe factsheet of IMPROVE can be found here.
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You can register for the ENMESH 2017 Pre-Conference Workshop by following this link
The registration fee for this 2-day workshop is € 150,-
Secure your seat, only limited tickets available: first come first serve!

Pre-conference workshop 2: Everything you always wanted to know about Experience Sampling 
October 4th | 14.00-17.30 | University Medical Center Groningen (ronde zaal) | Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen
The workshop will be given by Evelien Snippe, Harriette Riese, Jojanneke Bastiaansen and Fionneke Bos.

The Experience Sampling  Method (ESM) is hot. ESM is a method in which individuals repeatedly assess their present moment experiences (i.e., thoughts, feelings) as well as their context (i.e., company, activity).  Because of technological developments and the common use of smartphones, it has become increasingly easy to do so.  The momentary and prospective nature of ESM ensures optimal reliability by reducing recall bias. 

This pre-conference workshop is focused on learning how to design your own ESM study and discovering all the issues that come with . The pre-conference workshop will cover the following topics:
  • What is ESM and for which research questions is it useful?  
  • Which decision should be made when designing an ESM study? Which concepts to assess? Which questions to ask? How many times a day/week to measure? Over what period? Do you use a random or a fixed design?  
  • Which analyses can be used to analyze the data derived from ESM studies?
  • How could ESM be useful for application to psychiatric practice?
Besides information that will be presented to you, you will practice in groups with designing your own ESM study.  Also, there will be group discussions on designs.
You can only register for this workshop  as part of your registration for the whole conference. 
The registration fee for this workshop is € 40,-