Luis Salvador-Carulla. MD, PhD
Luis Salvador-Carulla is the head of the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Research School of Population Health, Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra (Australia).  His field of interest is decision support systems and policy in mental health, ageing, disability and intellectual developmental disorders, with a particular focus in the development of integrated atlases of healthcare. He is honour member of the World Psychiatry Association, president of the association of Spanish Researchers in Australia Pacific and scientific secretary of the Instituto Cervantes Academic Forum in Sydney. Prof. Salvador-Carulla has intensively participated in the development of international networks in the fields mentioned above, person centred medicine, healthy ageing, and bridging and knowledge transfer between mental health, disability and ageing.
He has been advisor to the Government of Catalonia (Spain), the Spanish Ministry of Health, the European Commission (EC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). He coordinated the European Commission (EC) project eDESDE-LTC for the development of an European classification of services for long term and he participated as national coordinator in the EC project Refinement to develop a toolkit for the assessment of financing of mental health systems in Europe. He also chaired the WHO working group on the classification of intellectual disabilities at chapter V of the International Classification of Diseases. He received the Leon Eisenberg Award of the Harvard Medical School in 2012 for his contributions in the field of developmental disorders.
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Recent Competitive Grants
1. Title: Disability and health: people with disabilities and professionals’ views on access to health services in Western Sydney
Funding Source: UWSUWS Internal Research Scheme Grant (Internal competitive grant)
Project Leader: Dr Gisselle Gallego
Role in the project: Principal Investigator
Other participant organisations: University of Sydney Dates: 1 Jan 2013 to Dec 2013
Budget 21,625 AUD
2. Title: AR-DRG Classification System Development and Refinement Services
Funding Source: Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) (Tender)
Project Leader: Professor Richard Madden
Role in the project: Expert advisor on Mental Health Classification and with link to EuroDRGs.
Other participant organisations: Contract between Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) on behalf of the Commonwealth and University of Sydney (NCCH) Dates: 1 July 2013 to July 2015
3. Title: Western Sydney LHD. Mapping MH services in Western Sydney LHD. Extension of the PiR evaluation project by Menzies Institute (Coordinator of the general project J. Gillespie, CIA). Coordinator of the extension project L Salvador-Carulla. LHD, National MH Commission. Dates: 1st May 2014 to 30th December 2014. Budget 74,000 AUD.
4. Title: The Mental Health Atlas of South Western Sydney. South Western Sydney LHD. PIR Systems and Services Improvement Fund 2014/2015. CIA: L. Salvador-Carulla. Dates 1st October 2014 – 30th May 2015. Budget 98,000 AUD.
5. Title: Men@Work. Black Dog Institute UNSW and BMRI, University of Sydney. CIAs: S. Harvey & N Glozier. CIs: H. Christensen , J. Proudfoot, P. Mitchell, R. Bryant, I. Hickie, J Buchanan, R Ryan, R Calvo, P Bohle, L Salvador-Carulla, A Fernandez. Movember Foundation. 2015-2017. Budget $2.880.000.
6. WentWest and Partners in Recovery: improving and evaluating recovery and system integration in mental health(June 2014-April 2015). J Smith-Merry (CIA), J Gillespie, L Salvador-Carulla, I Yen. Funded by WentWest..$74,386
7. WentWest and Partners in Recovery Western Sydney LHD. The Mapping of Mental Health Care Programs in Western Sydney (June 2015-June 2016). Luis Salvador-Carulla (CIA). A. Fernandez, J Smith-Merry, J Gillespie. Funded by Partner in Recovery Western Sydney, WentWest. $93,545.
8. Salvador-Carulla L, Glozier N, Eades P, Hong S, et al. - The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Sydney Local Health District. Brain and Mind Research Institute. Luis Salvador-Carulla (CIA). $49,676. Funded by University SPARC Funding. University of Sydney . July 2015-June 2016
Recent Contracts
1.- QMHC ITO 4/13 Provision of consultancy services for the evaluation of the Ed-LinQ initiative.
Funding Source: Tender. Queensland Mental Health Commission Role in the project: Consultant. (Project Leader: John Mendoza. ConNetica). Funding Source: Queensland MH Commission. Project Leader: John Mendoza. ConNetica Other participant organisations: University of Sydney Dates: 1 March 2014 to 30th June 2014. Budget 95,000 AUD
2.- Western Sydney LHD. Mapping MH services in Western Sydney LHD. Extension of the PiR evaluation project: " Partners in Recovery: improving and evaluating recovery and system integration in mental health” James Gillespie (CIA) Menzies Institute of Health Policy, University of Sydney. LHD, National MH Commission. Ethics reference number: 2013/678. Dates: 1st September 2014 to 30th March 2015. Budget 74,000 AUD.
3.- Mental Health Commission of New South Wales: The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Far West – New South Wales. CIA: L. Salvador-Carulla. Dates (April 2015-February 2016).. Mental Health Commission of New South Wales. Budget 198,000 AUD.
5.- The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of the East and South East Sydney (July 2015-May 2016). CIA: Luis Salvador-Carulla. Funded by PIR East and South East Sydney. $139,861
6.- The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Inner West Sydney (July 2015-May 2016). Co-funded by PIR Inner West Sydney and the SPARC flexible funding. Sydney $140,000.
7.- Building-blocks for evidence-informed Mental Health decision making in Sydney Local Health District step 2: development of a profile card (June 2015-June 2016). Funded by Sydney Local Health District. $58,312